Thank God it’s Thursday?

Well it is Easter and a few days vegetating never did anyone any harm…

Not actually got anything planned. Lorraine is having a cataract operation as I write so it didn’t seem sensible to plan anything until we know how she has reacted to it.

Sort of suck it and see I suppose.

Dang – we need emojis on this platform!

There is a temptation to see just how many sight jokes and puns I can do before my brain explodes but I can’t see the point of it really.


Die Tochter has come up trumps (can’t use that word without wanting to punch something – walls, windows, you know) with a plus one on a press trip she’s been invited on at the end of May. Istanbul no less with flights paid for as far as I can understand.

Four days including travel and I will return on a Friday and go on holiday on the Saturday! Bless. Just take the laptop and it’ll all work out I suppose. Penelope initially wanted to take both of us (on a +1 so it’s good to see the school fees weren’t wasted) so she was going to take her VA but she didn’t have her passport details (but she does have her parents’. Don’t ask) so I’m going.

Why me and not her mother? Well Lorraine has been moaning for ages that I don’t go away much any more so she can’t have craft-y outbreaks (hides in her room, only emerging for meals and the loo) and being able to do it with a clear conscience does have its advantages.

Also it does mean having to share with the daughter, which means becoming a mobile talking alarm clock and sharing a room with someone whose body clock goes off on one on regular occasions – and she’s impossible to wake up – so one of us has got a good deal, just not completely sure which one of us it is!

Feeling reasonably pleased a client has let me down. Don’t often hear someone saying that but, if they hadn’t, it would have meant cramming another day’s work in a four day week so, on balance… and they can pick up any monetary problems arising as I did chase, by email, and copied both directors in.

Still the email torrent rages. Yesterday I did a big tidy up but in the period from 17.00 to 21.30 another 21 arrived. It’s getting to be an achievement to get the Inbox total under 250 where once I’d have managed 50…

I notice 50-ish are dated 2017 or before. If I’m honest about it, I can’t see anything that old ever being dealt with so maybe just lose them but you still have to file some of them so set aside an hour or more and maybe they can go.

Excellent Dilbert cartoon the other day. Spent all day doing the to do list not leaving any time to actually work. Must see if I can import it here. No I can’t but you can find it yourself here.

Communication from the operated on one. Can collect her in 20 minutes. Oddly we live within walking distance but obviously it will depend on her. Actually the traffic might NOT be too bad as lots of people will have sloped off early I suspect but we shall see…

Oh dear.

Stuff. I’m tired. A nap would be much appreciated unless the invalid (if she IS an invalid) needs attention. The yawns are coming thick and fast so prefer not driving but at least it’s not 100 miles like Tuesday. I was supposed to be going to a networking event but presciently gave my apologies. Otherwise I’d have needed to set out ten minutes before I got in!

Just had a text – Bealk. No, I didn’t either so I DID check and walk it is. Enough for one day. Just find a photo when I return.


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