Emails – again…

“When you arise in the morning, think of what a precious privilege it is to be alive – to breathe, to think, to enjoy, to love.”

Marcus Aurelius

Wasn’t the quote I was looking for at all. Possibly much nicer though. The quote I was looking for was about war – which led me to Carl von Clausewitz (oddly Clausewitz is in the spelling checker but von is (was) not – how bizarre is that?) and a very interesting quote but not the one I was looking for and not the one to describe my relationship with emails in any case so the bottom of the page suggested related authors and hence Marcus Aurelius and then a MUCH more positive start than I was intending.

Probably for the best…

There is an ancient torture called death by a thousand cuts and the modern equivalent is death by a thousand emails.

Despite the wholesale unsubscribing from everything that appears irrelevant it does seem that you find yourself on more subscription lists than you manage to get rid of.

Monday was busy busy and meant the dreaded inbox didn’t get a look in until evening and then only briskly as the day’s deliberations had been long, complicated and had scrambled the brain cell(s). Monday afternoon’s deliberations (which arose at a business I am a trustee of – pro bono) led to around 130 emails (and still counting) in less than three days – necessary? maybe, soul destroying? certainly…

Some social media work Tuesday afternoon saw twenty emails dealt with.

And another sixty in their place!

Wednesday was a day that could have been usefully spent working On the business rather than IN. The haircut probably counts (public image) and the meeting with a videographer (also not in the dictionary, nor in Chambers oddly enough – that I can find – but the subject of 25.3 MILLION entries in Google so it is a recognised word obviously) regarding client video testimonial wrapped about with an “about me” intro/extro certainly does but the rest of the day was trying to separate the wheat from the chaff and find the 5-10 important ones amongst the morass.

Which I’ve been dealing with today.

Reminds me of a recent article I’ve read in New Scientist (don’t ask – my university degree was in Chemistry before I decided to do THIS for a living) – DNA is just a few percent genes and a whole lot of junk. For a long time there was a theory that the “junk” ought to contain lots of useful stuff but I read this week that it probably is PROPER junk after all. Commerce imitating life…

As opposed to life imitating art. I notice with interest that a poll of the UK’s favourite artworks has the following top three:

  1. Banksy – Balloon Girl
  2. John Constable – The Haywain
  3. Jack Vettriano – The Singing Butler


Nice networking meeting this morning. Although I’m starting to feel the 07.00 start needs to be countered by a power nap (or any other sort of nap if truth be told). Saw a number of people I’ve just not bumped into in person lately. A number of them have been inveigled into helping me with my “ten business problems” blog series I’ll be doing on my Outsourced Finance Director site over the next six months to a year.

Sometimes the old ego does a disappearing act and it is IMMENSELY satisfying when people you would like to consider your peers help out. One in particular – just a hint of hero worship on my part if I’m honest. He’s taken his business to an international standing in the time I’ve known him – has been both complimentary and encouraging. Makes the hard slog sooooo worth while.


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