Fake’s suck!

And other spoonerisms…

I am still too busy. That and the continuing saga from last week. Actually, the continuing saga from last week I haven’t got round to mentioning! I could have SWORN I had but it looks like I haven’t.

It’s all very well donating time rather than money. You can give a lot to a worthwhile cause without having to part with the readies so, if said readies are not overabundant, it’s a good way of making a difference.

However – and it is a BIG however – if said time starts to expand to take over one’s life, that probably wasn’t in the “job” description.

I’m treasurer, no surprise there then.

But following some unforeseeable health issues I’m also chairman. Having previously been vice-chair. And again, no big deal under normal circumstances.

But an issue from the past that we (trustees collectively) thought had been put to bed suddenly reared its head again and one of the senior management team hands in their notice.


So, at a time I’m doing my treasurer bit regarding 2018 budgets and forecasts and 2017 statutory accounts for an AGM that’s set in stone, we’ve not only got a recruitment issue on our hands but it seems to have upset various other parties – including ones that are the probable cause of the issue in the first place!

Which means (if I’m not careful) this pro bono involvement can suck two or three hours a day every day OUT of a diary that has no room in it in any case.


Just feeling sorry for myself, nothing terminal.

We are not going to get the replacement on board in time for a seamless transfer so we’re dependent on other members of the senior management team stepping up. Don’t THINK there’ll be a problem and I HAVE said we can get temporary cover for any uncovered areas but it’s all unproven so you can’t know for certain.

Fingers crossed.

One thing I do know for sure is that we’d never have coped with this a few years ago but the quality of the undertaking – staff and knowledge – is so much better now I do believe we will.

And other people are relying on the service we provide and you really DON’T want to let them down. Can’t give too much detail as I don’t want to identify the industry and wash our dirty (or otherwise) linen in public.

Fingers crossed. Again…

Wish me luck.

Actually it’s been a very pro bono week all round. Young Enterprise Monday evening and Town Council last night. Can lead to excessively long days with – twice so far this week – no formal break during the day. Not that I’d have WANTED to go for my lunchtime walk on a couple of occasions this week. Torrential rain one day. More monsoon than March showers.

As you can tell when walking down the footpath to the next road. Water cascades down our road and the “cut” is the continuation thereof. Which means you can go wading (I exaggerate but not excessively so) which means the hall carpet gets a bashing and is covering in mud (hopefully) and seeds and various other plant matter.

A few years ago I managed to use my Town Council position to get some wood gratings to divert a lot of the flow off into the adjacent woods but we do need to make sure that the channels between the planks is cleared of detritus and debris or it doesn’t actually make any difference.

We have some sort of storm to look forward to at the weekend. Anticipated temperatures plunge up to ten degrees Celsius on Saturday and Sunday and there is a threat of more snow. But it’ll be back to more normal temperatures on Monday, just in time for the business week!

You couldn’t MAKE it up…


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