Snow days and other disappearing time tricks

Doesn’t seem five minutes since the last post.

It isn’t of course. It’s a week but the expectation in the previous paragraph is that time will go more quickly than expected…

Which is what it did.

The sickie turned into two “snow days” – partly because no client (that I’m aware of) was doing anything but partly because of hitting the (marathon runner’s) wall.

You can borrow forward so much for so long but be sure your body will find you out.

Sit there and look to do something but body (and mind) says no.

In all honesty I did serious damage to the email backlog but look at it today and it’s like I never bothered!

We seldom get weather issues in this part of the country so it always does catch people out. I was SERIOUSLY glad I’d cancelled my Friday appointment when I discovered the road I would have been using had been snowed in overnight and there were people who had been stuck for twelve hours in the drifts.

Recovery took much of Friday and was helped in no small part by the Armed Forces and local farmers. Sooo glad not to have experienced THAT!

So me with bad back was noted walking (shuffling in my big hiking boots) the mile or so to the local supermarket with Lorraine because – of all things – run out of potatoes!

As with most adverse weather events (and bank holidays, etc.) the place was devoid of semi-skimmed milk because that is, of course, the usual panic buy – here at least. Many places run out of bread, there they bake on the premises so that doesn’t vanish quite as quick.

But it was a conversation I overheard that left me particularly bemused.

“Ordinary” semi-skimmed was gone but there was a choice of sorts:

  • Full fat
  • Skimmed
  • Organic semi-skimmed

WE chose organic – it  might have cost an extra 35p but it was there and available, but the gent in a couple nearby I heard saying “I’m not paying those sort of prices, we’ll do without”.

For 35p?

Run that by me again?

Not for the first time, and certainly not the last, I had an “is it me?” situation.



Wasn’t it cold? Taking wind chill into account we had temperatures of -11C and similar. That means our poor central heating boiler was trying to make up a 30C temperature gradient.

Considering this place is only a decade or so old, some of the windows and doors were remarkably badly fitted. We use a spare curtain to slow/reduce the draughts from the front door. Which pretty much faces north (actually a bit west of north like my office) so you don’t get much solar activity on the “front” of the building – wrong hemisphere…

So even with the heating running non-stop it can be cold in here. Even Lorraine said she was cold, which is how you realise you’re experiencing something really apocalyptic.

And on the Saturday it started to go. -11C to +9C in two or three days.

Memo to self. Try not to have monthly Friday off the day after your osteopathy appointment. And certainly not where much of the morning vanishes under a single appointment. It’s like a sudden dawning that I (effectively!) ran out of week yesterday evening.

For anything discretionary.

And young Miss P is putting in an appearance in the next few hours because she is dropping in from Uni to take her mother out for an early Mother’s Day dinner. So that removes the early evening as well as I’m allowed to come along.

Not that I’m complaining. Cannot remember the last time we went out that it wasn’t the parents’ bank balance that got the seeing to. In fact, even here she’s not paying for it at the end of the day as she will be paid to do a “mystery shopper” report on the establishment we are visiting! As long as her mother and I are not profligate she will still make a profit!


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