Pulling a sickie

not that you’d notice overly…

What with working from home and everything.

Felt awfully tired last night and with a particularly early start to look forward to – 07.00 networking meeting an hour west of here.

What with severe weather warnings, etc., my life coach had given me the option to postpone which I said I’d make a final call when I got up this morning.

Light blanket of snow first thing but an immensely sore back, neck and shoulder. Which is why I’ve spent half today clearing the !*!* email backlog and am now typing my blog.

When they were handing out common sense I’d obviously left the room…

Have taken the opportunity to postpone my only meeting tomorrow as well.

Literally cannot remember the last time I took a day off other than holidays, etc. It’s a thing with the self-employed stuff. If you depend on your own time it’s all too easy to overdo things and work straight through problems.

Which is what I do at this time of year.

Every year.

Note comment above re common sense…

Oh yes, ought to mention the outcome of the business awards. Shortlisted as I said. Unfortunately didn’t win but as there was only one prize I CAN genuinely say I came equal second! A client won in one category and a networking friend won another two. Immensely pleased for both of them and their businesses.

And the website links STILL do not work.

Also did my first 4Sight presentation at a 4Networking meeting on Tuesday. Just a little bit nervous – always am first time I do anything (then you get blase – how do you get the acute accent to work? – then you start to learn how to be good at it) but it went down very well. Already been invited to give it at another meeting and told to put myself in for another so right pleased.

Is it just me? You get a super round of applause and loads of people tell you how good it was but you find yourself thinking “they’re just being kind”. Imposter syndrome thy name is Colin.

Snowing quite well here at the moment. It’s a sufficiently rare phenomenon locally to be worth mentioning. I’d think a couple of years at least. Temperatures not too dramatic but the windchill is serious. Lunchtime walk in -3C but felt like -11C – that’s what the phone said and I’m NOT going to argue. it was bitter! The “Beast from the East” per the media has just met storm “Emma” which is now dumping its moisture all over southern and southwest England.

Common sense says that’s as much as I ought to do today so we’ll leave it at that.

It just remains for me to say hapus Dydd Gŵyl Dewi on this the first day of Spring (looks at blizzard and laughs)!


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