Where did THAT week go?

Don’t know what I’ve done to myself. Seriously sore spine and neck which is making typing this less than comfortable. Sigh…

Actually I probably do as it’s a convergence of a number of matters which, of themselves, would probably amount to nothing but, as we are all told, the whole is greater than the sum of its parts.

Unbelievably (or maybe not, I’m not one to blow my own trumpet – it usually doesn’t cross my mind) it looks like I’ve forgotten to mention that my PR Lorna put me forward for one of the Portsmouth News’ Business Excellence Awards and I have been shortlisted. Woohoo!

I WOULD take you to the shortlist page but someone seems to have forgotten how to populate it. Hmmm…

Actually that reminds me. Lorraine SAID it was difficult to find out when they announced it in the paper! And even more bizarrely IMHO the landing page DOESN’T take you to the main News website. Nor does the News’ business page appear to have any reference to the awards.

Is it just me???

However, 150 word digression later. The why this has any relevance to a sore neck:

It’s the first time I’ve entered for something like this. It’s also (obviously) the first time I’ve been shortlisted for an award. I’m just a little strange about being outside my comfort zone and when I have the first time I have to do something this is – oddly – outside my comfort zone. No idea why. Maybe something to do with my upbringing, maybe something genetic – the daughter, when she was at school, had some serious issues when she had to do something for the first time. So I’m a little tense (future perfect maybe? Certainly not present or pluperfect.) Which leads to tension and tension, with overuse, leads to inflammation.

So I’ve got to practice a speech I may never need and at the same time have my “don’t mind if some else won” face at close hand in case I don’t. I’ve been told to just enjoy myself and treat winning – if it happens – as a bonus. And I KNOW I can blag my way unrehearsed through a minute or two. I do so most networking meetings. Generally never have any idea what I’m going to say until it comes out of my mouth. And maybe not even then. Really need some emojis (word I’ve just had to add to the dictionary. Emoji singular was there without a plural. Need an emoji for that too?) in this programme. Don’t you think too?

Add to that working your butt off moving “stuff” around in a client’s data for a less than positive response and this will predispose me to just a little nudge sending it over the edge.

And within that a diversion to the dentist and hygienist. Not a problem in itself but the journey was such that I asked the receptionists whether it was National Drive like a Dickhead day and I’d just missed the announcement. Not that they were aware of so maybe it was just me.

I’m not paranoid. People really ARE out to get me.

Sooo. Networking this morning. Good and possibly fruitful meeting. Seriously uncomfortable chair. I think the venue got a bulk offer somewhere for all their meeting rooms. They seldom fail to irritate my neck and back. Odd angle back to seat which means you don’t lean back in it or end up with an unpleasant tension in your neck. And the metal bit sticks in a couple of tender vertebrae due to an old injury – lost a debacle with a motorway crash barrier about 20 years ago.

Followed that up with a one-to-one meeting in a rattan-style chair with inadequate padding which continued irritating the heck out of said vertebrae. Good meeting I have to say. Turned into an unexpected pitch. Wasn’t expecting to be talking to someone who might be in CURRENT need of my expertise. So there you go.

Well, I’ve spent a lot longer than I intended writing this and have done the exact opposite of what is needed to calm the inflammation but whatever, that’s life.

Is it not?

Doesn’t the image look like an animal drinking?


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